Fall Is Here, Don’t Let The Bugs In!!

Fall Leaves A1 Exterminators Fall is here now, the leaves are changing to beautiful golden colors the temperature is dropping beautify, my personal favorite season, the colors, no coats, I love everything about it, except the bugs that think my home is theirs. This is a very important time for pest proofing your home, by doing this you will be sure to help protect your home from rodents, spiders, cockroaches and many other pests your may not even be aware of. You really want to get this done before the winter hits, the pests are looking for somewhere to stick out the winter and your home is their perfect place, they will get in from screens, cracks in the home, attics, fireplaces, basements, just about anywhere since they don’t need a lot of space to get in. Cluster flies and bees can stay not just alive but fully active while taking up residence in your attic through the winter if you are not careful, or ladybugs and stink bugs, these occasional invaders will enjoy your home for the cold season if you let them. Then there are cockroaches, your kitchen stove is one of their favorite spots in the home, what you did not clean off your stove is their dinner. Cockroaches will take up a spot in your home quickly and bread, not only are they just icky to think of, they are known to trigger asthma attacks and for families with children who are asthmatics this can be life threatening.
A real problem happens though when rodents start to enter your home like it is their own, they will move into your garage, basement, attic anywhere your let them. They will live off seed you may have in your garage or basement,  bird seed, grass seed, mice have even been found in charcoal. If they find nothing there they will move on into your home and into your kitchen, crumbs on the floor or counters are a perfect snack for them. Not only is the thought of mice and rats in your kitchen nasty they are a health hazard for you and your family, they can contaminate food and spread bacteria, they can spread diseases like Salmonella and Hantavirus. Rodents can also be an electrical hazard as they are known to gnaw on wires causing possible fires.
We all have very busy lives and it can be easy to let pest proofing slide just this one time, but what happens when you do get an infestation? Take the time that is needed, seal all cracks, install door sweeps and fix broken screens, screen attic vents and chimney openings, replace all weather stripping from all doors and windows. As for your kitchen, keep your food in airtight containers, throw away all unused food and containers, throw your trash away regularly and keep your garbage top on tightly and away from the house if possible.

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