Get Rid of Rodents Fast

You see a dime-sized hole.   Mice see a door and go right through it.   Let A1 Exterminators kick them out!   #A1Exterminators... more
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5 Ways To Detect a Termite Swarm In Your House

Are you looking to prevent termites so that your summer plans aren’t derailed before they begin?Every year, millions of homes across the United States are damaged by termites. In fact, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. If you suspect you have... more
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Residential Mosquito Control: 5 Tips To Rid of Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are one of the most irritating pests that can invade your home. They not only bite and leave itchy welts, but they can also transmit diseases like Zika virus. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also good at hiding and can be difficult to get rid of completely. However, there are some things... more
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Bee and Wasp Control. Claim Your Discount Today

If a bee, hornet or wasp sets up a nest or hive in your yard where your children play, or near an outdoor eating area where employees eat their lunch, it can be dangerous.   Get rid of bees and wasps before summer sets in:... more
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Get Rid of Rodents This Week

When inspecting for mice or rats, an A1 Exterminator technician will look for rodent burrows, holes in the ground where rodents nest and create an underground tunnel around dumpsters, homes or buildings. Get Pest Free... more
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Let A1 Exterminators Help You Get Rid of Termites…

Let A1 Exterminators do the Dirty Work.   Before the Termites Destroy Your Home A1 Exterminators team of qualified, experienced technicians ready to eliminate your termite problem. A1 Exterminators has installed the Sentricon® system for termite control in thousands homes,... more
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Claim Your Discount Today

A1 Exterminators Bed Bugs on Blanket Pest Control
Bed bugs are hitchhikers they don’t necessarily need a bedroom to find a meal. They have been found in in schools, movie theaters, college dorms, nursing homes and even hospitals.   Claim your $25 discount off of any new one-time service (conditions... more
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Get Rid of Carpenter Ants with A1 Exterminators

Ants can be a nuisance when in your home. A1 Exterminators can get rid of ants in your home and keep them away. Our trained technicians are able to locate and exterminate the ant nest, ultimately eliminating them from your home. Carpenter Ants are a pest that hunt down food during spring and... more
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Get Your Free Estimate Today

Is your Summer season leaving you stuck with bed bugs, mice, rats, bees, or wasps? Are you worried you won't be able to enjoy your life anymore because of pests dragging you down?   Fill out our quick form to get your free... more
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5 Early Signs of Bed Bugs You Should Look Out For

You may be surprised to learn that bed bugs can be found in homes across the country. These pesky pests are small, round, and brown, and they feed on the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs are most active at night, and they can hide in a variety of places, including mattresses, headboards, and... more
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