Rodent Control, Mice Control & Rat Control in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, New Hampshire and Southern Maine

Mice can slip through holes as small as a dime, and rats can fit through holes as small as a quarter. It’s not hard for a rodent to come in through small cracks and holes in the foundation of your building or home and set up a nest in the walls or in furniture. Massachusetts and New Hampshire offer large areas of forests and fields for rodents to reside. However, mice will seek shelter in your home or office to get out of the cold, inclement weather or to escape a predator.

A1 Exterminators Rodent Inspection

When inspecting for mice or rats, an A1 Exterminator technician will look for rodent burrows, holes in the ground where rodents nest and create an underground tunnel around dumpsters, homes or buildings. Another sign for mice or rats are “rub marks,” which is the dirty and oil from their skin that rub off and leave a funky smell, on the surfaces which rodents frequent.

Mouse Control, Rat Control and Rodent solutions for your home or office

Mice are covered in our residential Pest Prevention Plan. We will provide on-going interior and exterior treatments to prevent mice from entering your home and causing an infestation.