Sentinel Rodent Control System – Above Ground Protection

Always on Guard. Always Working.

Humane and Reliable Rodent Trap

Protect wildlife from secondary poisoning and strengthen your company’s green profile with intelligent and non-toxic pest control.

The Sentinel Rodent Control System – Above Ground Protection, is an effective rat trap that kills both rats and mice in a humane and non-toxic way. The rat trap is built into a steel box and can function independently, with or without a ground spike, or mounted on a wall. The steel box is weatherproof and is locked with the associated key to prevent injury to other animals or people.

When the rat or mouse goes up into the trap, a CO2 cartridge is activated, which triggers a piston, which kills the rodent using compressed air. Each CO2 cartridge contains enough compressed air to exterminate approx. 80 rats or mice.

Benefits of the Sentinel Rodent Control System

More environmentally friendly pest control.

With an automatic and non-toxic trap, you reduce CO₂ emissions due to fewer service visits, and at the same time protect the environment from toxins.

Avoid secondary poisoning of predators and pets.

Using the Sentinel Rodent Control System with its effective method of killing rodents, you will not only offer a humane kill for the rodents, but also eliminate any possibility of secondary poisoning for both pets and wildlife.

Automatic data collection and reporting.

The online system provides access to instant statistics around the clock, where the latest data is automatically registered for the individual trap.

Save time and money on unnecessary service visits.

The Sentinel Rodent Control System is ideal for minimizing the operational costs of pest control and avoiding redundant service visits checking up on single traps.

How Above Ground Protection Works:

Step 11. Rodents are attracted

Rodents are lured to the trap by a non-toxic lure, and the specifically designed entrance, which attracts both rats and mice.


Step 22. Humane killing

The sensors in the trap detect when a rat or mouse enters the trap and kills the animal using a pneumatic piston, quickly, safely, and humanely.


Step 33. Data collection

The trap sends data to the online platform showing control and status of battery, CO₂ level, signal strength, temperature, and number of pests killed.


Step 44. Trap preparation

The trap automatically prepares for the next killing. Each CO₂ cartridge contains enough compressed air to kill approx. 80 rodents.


Step 55. Collection of predators

All killings take place without secondary poisoning of other animals. The killed rodents will be collected by other predators or removed.

Automatic Data Collection and Reporting

The Sentinel Rodent Control System automatically collects a series of data, which is sent to a server. All data can be accessed from both smartphone and computer.

The following data is transmitted to the server:

·       Trap number
·       Trap location
·       Number of rats killed
·       Number of mice killed
·       Date of killing
·       Time of killing
·       Battery level
·       Compressed air level

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