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Fall Bring Pests

We love the fall season, but not the pests that come with it! Have you spotted more critters making their way into your home? Share your stories with... more
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So Many Spiders In The Fall

Once the air begins getting cooler, you might notice more and more spiders in your house. Why is this? Spiders mating season has a lot to do with it. They hatch in the spring, reproduce, and then start spinning webs in the fall to begin mating for the following year. While most people are afraid of... more
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Getting Rid of House Spiders

House spiders are a major nuisance during the fall months. And if you have a fear of spiders like me, you want to make sure you get rid of them! The best way to get rid of spiders is keeping them out in the first place. Bushes and plants are one reason spiders find their way into your home.... more
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Fall Is Here, Don’t Let The Bugs In!!

Fall is here now, the leaves are changing to beautiful golden colors the temperature is dropping beautify, my personal favorite season, the colors, no coats, I love everything about it, except the bugs that think my home is theirs. This is a very important time for pest proofing your home, by doing... more
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Who Is That Knocking At Your Door??

Woodpeckers Drilling & Drumming In the spring and fall, hundreds of homeowners are awakened by a woodpecker drumming on metal outside their house or have become aware of holes in their siding created by a drilling woodpecker. Four New England woodpeckers are known to drill and drum on houses:... more
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Prepare Your Home For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner now, beautiful weather, glorious colored leaves, fairs and festivals, you can just smell it in the air, and just as you are preparing for your fall activities, the bug are preparing for the cold season. Because we have had such an early spring and summer with... more
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A1 Exterminators throughout Massachusetts

It doesn’t matter if its winter, spring, summer or fall insects you are having a problem with, A1 Exterminators is always there for you. We proudly serve Massachusetts, Southern Maine and Southern New Hampshire since 1953! You may have a bedbug infestation in home in Winchester, or a wasp nest in... more
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Daddy Long Legs Spider

Daddy Long Legs inhabit a fascinating area of spider and non-spider worlds. Because this is a "common name", there are actually two ENTIRELY different sets of creatures which are called this. It is sort of like how you can call a tiny minnow a "fish" and also call a giant whale (mistakenly) a... more
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Cobweb Steatoda Spider

The Cobweb Steatoda Spider is a Cobweb Spider and just as with the Cobweb Spider they make the little flimsy corner-of-the-room type of webs. That's different from, for example, the solid spiral webs - "Charlotte's Web" web - that orb spiders make. This spider is in particular a Steatoda borealis... more
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Cobweb Spider

Cobeweb spiders are part of the Theridiidae family of spiders. But wait, you say, don't all spiders make cobwebs? That's not true at all! Many spiders leap on their victims, and other spiders create other sorts of webs. Cobweb spiders specifically make the little flimsy corner-of-the-room type of... more
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