Squirrel Control

Nuisance Pests in the squirrel family: Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, Groundhogs & Woodchucks.

Tree squirrels are one of the most common nuisance pest in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine. They feed mostly on nuts and live only in areas surrounded by trees. Squirrels are active all year long and all through the day and night. Squirrels occasionally hide in attics in the winter and can cause damage to electrical and telephone wires by chewing. Groundhogs, or woodchucks are part of the squirrel family. They are active during the day and live at the base of fences, buildings, and trees. They cause major damage to gardens and dig holes in open yards.

Squirrel Control A1 Exterminators

Flying squirrels are rodents with 4 legs and large folds of skin in between their legs, which allow them to glide in the air. Contrary to their title, they don’t actually fly. They feed mostly on nuts, seeds, and sometimes insect or bird eggs. Flying squirrels aren’t known for causing any medical problems to humans, they just prove to be a nuisance by living in attic spaces, making noises, and causing odors through their urine.

After thoroughly inspecting your property, A1 will remove any squirrels humanely and remove accessible nesting material. Our experienced technicians will inspect and seal any openings to prevent squirrels from returning and causing further damage.


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