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A little history about house spiders

House spiders belong to a small number of species specially adapted for indoor conditions (constant climate, poor food supply, very poor water supply). Some house spider species have been living indoors at least since the days of the Roman Empire, and are seldom to be found outside, even in... more
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House spider’s colonization

House spiders colonize new houses by egg sacs carried on furniture, building materials and so forth. They usually spend their entire life cycle in, on or under their native building. If a large number appear at a specific season, it is usually late summer (August and September)—not a notably... more
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Orb Weaver Spiders

Orb weavers are best known for their elaborate webs and date back to the early cretaceous period. While certainly not common among orb spiders in New England, some extremely large species of orb weavers even eat bats. Species found in New England include the bridge orb weaver (Larinioides... more
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Nursery Web Spiders

These spiders are named for their reproductive habits. Mother spiders carry their egg sacs using their mouth parts and then attach the sac to a plant and build a nursery web around them to protect the emerging spider-lings. Common nursery web spiders in Massachusetts and other parts of New... more
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Striped Grass Spiders

Grass spiders, also called funnel weavers, build funnel-shaped webs on the ground, usually under debris or rocks. Their body color varies, but they usually sport two wide stripes down their bodies. Common grass spiders in New England include Agelenopsis kastoni, Agelenopsis potteri and... more
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Nervous Jumping Spiders

Named for their propensity to jump on prey or when startled, this large family of spiders varies a great deal in coloration, distribution and size. Common jumping spiders in New England include the bold jumper (Phidippus audax), tan jumping spider (Platycryptus undatus) and zebra jumper (Salticus... more
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Northern Black Widow Spider

Northern Black Widow Spider is found outdoors, they are found in old stumps, hollow logs, under fallen fence posts, in abandoned animal burrows or piles of brush, and in the corners of sheds and crawlspaces. In the northern black widow, the distinctive "hour glass" marking on the underside of the... more
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Spider Nuisances

When scared or provoked, spiders can bite, which usually leaves a mildly painful or itchy reaction? Most spiders found in Bourne, MA are less harmful than they are creepy. Spiders that are dangerous or poisonous in North America tend to live in only southern regions of the United States and... more
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Common Pests Found in the Garage

The garage is meant to give shelter to your car, store tools, sports equipment and anything else that needs to be packed up out of sight. It also serves as the perfect shelter for bugs and rodents. Compared to more secure parts of the house, the garage – sometimes left open for extended periods... more
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Basement Bugs & Insects

Whether it’s a state of the art “man cave,” a kid-friendly playroom, home gym or disorganized storage room, every basement is susceptible to pest infestations. This is why basement insect control is crucial. Basements are a home away from home to a variety of bugs that thrive in dark,... more
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