Smart Eco Pest Control

A1 Exterminators, protecting you from Pests with Smart Technology while protecting the environment.

More and more things in life are “smart” these days. From your phone to your doorbell, even your washing machine. It’s time Pest Control became Smart and A1 has the Smart Technology!

With the innovations in Smart Pest Control, we are also using Eco-friendly pest management methods. Whether your concern is the environment, public health issues, have family members or co-workers who are chemically sensitive or are just fearful of the host of health threats posed by pests and rodents.

The Sentinel Rodent Control System

Non-Toxic Rat Control with Smart Monitoring

A1 Exterminator’s has created a non-toxic smart system that eliminates rodents. The Sentinel Rodent Control System combines both above and below ground protection with smart technology and a RatApp for you to monitor and receive notifications of activity.


Below Ground Rodent Protection with Sentinel RCS Sewer Rat Trap

Non-Toxic Rat Control with Smart Monitoring

A1’s Sentinel Rodent Control System Below Ground Protection has a mechanical smart rat trap that makes it possible to completely block rats’ access to certain parts of the sewer system while killing invading rats.

Above Ground Protection: Sentinel Surface Rodent Trap

Humane and Reliable Rodent Trap

The A1’s Sentinel Rodent Control System Above Ground Protection is an effective rat trap that kills both rats and mice in a humane and non-toxic way. The rat trap is built into a steel box and can function independently, with or without a ground spike, or mounted on a wall.

A1’s Ultimate Mosquito & Tick Control Plan

Get Your Yard Back with A1 Exterminator’s proven Mosquito Treatment Plan combined with the power of green In2Care Mosquito Traps. Contact us below for more details!

A1 Exterminators now offers a highly effective customized mosquito and tick control program that protects your property and health. Mosquitoes are a difficult pest to eliminate, but at A1 Exterminators, we use two highly effective treatments combined into one program. Our combo includes applying treatments to the specific areas of your property to control mosquito and tick activity throughout the season. Additionally, we place green In2Care Mosquito Stations in the most effective areas. Our treatment helps to control adult mosquito and tick activity throughout the season.

Our Bed Bug Heatwave Treatment is entirely green

Our powerful computer monitored 450,000 BTU Heatwave System is designed to rid your home of bed bugs. Because the treatment is heat it is environmentally friendly and provides excellent results as an effective method of green pest control. Recently our system was called into duty by a Massachusetts municipality that needed to eradicate bed bug infestations in two public multi-unit residences. Learn more about the Green Bed Bug Heat Treatment.