ContraPest® Birth Control for Rats.

Yes, Really!

ContraPest Rat Birth Control is an EPA-registered contraceptive developed by scientists specializing in rat fertility control. It is the first contraceptive that works on both male and female rats and aims to create healthier environments by significantly reducing rat populations. This contraceptive is designed to restrict fertility in both sexes, effectively controlling rat populations in a humane and sustainable way.

Humanely Curbing the Next Rat Baby Boom

Rats can quickly multiply from two to fifteen thousand in a short amount of time if the conditions are right. Traditional rodent control methods often involve harsh approaches like traps and poisons. However, ContraPest offers a unique, humane solution that helps keep rat populations under control. By using this contraceptive, property owners can significantly increase the chances of maintaining a pest-free environment by curbing the next rat baby boom before it begins.

Learn More About the Contraceptive Cocktail that Rats Can’t Resist

ContraPest is the first EPA-registered contraceptive bait designed to lower the birth rates of male and female Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and roof rats (R. rattus). When used in conjunction with other integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, ContraPest not only reduces rat populations but also prevents them from bouncing back. This makes it an excellent option for getting rid of rats, especially since traditional strategies such as poisons can leave rats alive long enough to breed and multiply.

ContraPest’s effectiveness as a contraceptive bait is undisputed. Field studies have shown that when two major American cities integrated ContraPest into their rat control practices, they achieved significant results. In Washington, D.C., the addition of ContraPest to their IPM led to a 90% reduction in rat activity at two sites over a year. Similarly, San Francisco Recreation and Park personnel recorded a 65% drop in burrow counts over a year when they implemented ContraPest into an ongoing IPM program.

These results are truly impressive.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

When it comes to ContraPest, it’s what’s inside that counts. Just like the famous Papa John’s slogan “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” ContraPest’s effectiveness comes from the quality and precision of its active ingredients. These ingredients are carefully formulated to do precisely what is needed to control rat populations. While we may be tempted to draw parallels with the famous Pizza Rat, the bottom line is that ContraPest’s success is a result of the expertly crafted active ingredients working together in just the right way.

Why ContraPest Rat Birth Control?

Combats bait aversion.
Reduces individual rat’s fertility quickly.

Low exposure risk to pets/children.
Easy to set up/replace tanks.

Minimizes population rebound effect.
Versatile tool for pest management professionals.

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