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A1 Exterminators has been ridding the Northeast of Bed Bugs since 1953, and there’s no sized infestation we can’t beat. Our trained technicians are experienced in residential and commercial extermination. We use the most advanced pest identification techniques to be sure your home or business is entirely treated.

Think you might have bed bugs?

Early detection is key for the successful control and prevention of a major infestation. These pests are small, cryptic and agile, making them extremely difficult to treat without a professional exterminator. They prefer to hide close to where they feed, and if necessary, they’ll crawl up to several feet for a meal. Initial infestations tend to be around beds, but these pests will eventually scatter throughout your home or building occupying any crevice. Furthermore, these pests are hitchhikers, and they don’t necessarily need a bedroom to find a meal. They’ve been found in schools, movie theaters, college dorms, nursing homes, hotels and even hospitals.

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Bed Bug K-9 Detection

A1 uses K-9 detection to quickly and accurately exterminate.

One of the most effective methods A1 uses is the employment of specially trained dogs. Their keen sense of smell allows them to ‘see’ through walls, floors and even underground. This gives them the ability to sniff out hiding spots quickly and accurately, helping our technicians rid your property of pests wherever they may be hiding.

K-9 bed bug detection is used in hotels and motels to actually certify they have done everything in their power to provide guests a pest-free environment. In the event of a lawsuit initiated by a guest concerning bites or contractions, having proof of K-9 detection presents solid evidence that they made every effort to provide a safe stay.

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