Mosquito Control & Tick Control in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, New Hampshire & Southern Maine

A1 Exterminators can reduce the amount of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard with continued application

It’s Your Yard. Defend it from Mosquitoes and Ticks

A1 Exterminators offers a mosquito and tick program that can reduce the amount of these pests in your yard. The/Our treatment program that is very effective at protecting your property and health, by combining power of a knockdown agent, long-lasting insecticide, synergist and Insect growth regulator in one single product with controlled-release technology. By reducing the number of mosquitoes and ticks, you are reducing the risk of disease (West Nile, EEE, and Lyme disease).

  • Reduction in mosquitoes and ticks with continued application

  • Products either meet or exceed Federal EPA and state requirements

  • Less pests means less diseases (West Nile, EEE, Lyme Disease)

Mosquito & Tick Season

A1 Exterminators Mosquito and Tick treatment program includes one treatment every four weeks, typically beginning in April and throughout the year until October for an average of 7 applications per season. Applications consist of treatments to the established perimeter of the property to control mosquito and tick activity throughout the season. Treatments consist of applications to the foliage and harborage areas for ticks around the perimeter of your yard. Our treatment will help to control adult mosquito and tick activity throughout the season.