Carpenter Ant Extermination

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Carpenter Ants can be very damaging to the structure of your home and they are very common in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Carpenter Ants are among the largest ants and are black or dark brownish-red colored. They prefer damp environments so they survive quite nicely with our weather near the coast. Warmer weather and moisture in the spring attracts carpenter ants as they look for a new home. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood and in large numbers can cause major damage to your home. They are about ¼”-⅜” long. The queen can lay up to 15-20 eggs at a time, while the workers expand their home by digging through the wood. They cause billions of dollars of damage each year. If you see one, chances are there is already a colony set up, damaging wood in or around the outside of your home.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your home or business, it’s best to deal with the situation quickly. The long-term effects of a carpenter ant infestation could drastically reduce the value of your home. Carpenter ants prefer wood that is wet and weathered so they are most likely to be found if you have rotting wood around your house. Places to check for moist, rotting wood are the foundation, window sills, porches, or roof rafters under a leaky roof. Signs of wood damaged by carpenter ants are smooth tunnels that looks almost sandpapered in appearance.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Destroying the nest of the carpenter ants and removing rotting wood is crucial in the process of removing this damaging pest. Insecticide sprays help kill some of the worker ants inside the home, but if the nest remains untreated the queen will continue to produce more offspring and the attacks on your home or business will continue. Start the carpenter ant treatment process by removing rotted wood from your home and property. Eliminate all entry points to your home like cracks in the foundation and spaces around pipes that lead into your home. If you have firewood outside do not store it directly on the ground, but raise it up using bricks or other non-organic materials. If you have done these simple steps and still have a carpenter ant issue in your home or business call A1 Exterminators today.