Commercial Pest Control in Massachusetts

Pest Management for Hospitality Facilities & Hotels

Our A1 pest control technicians are licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau, the New Hampshire Division of Pesticide Control, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the Maine Department of Agriculture. We guarantee the highest level of professional competence and quality pest control for your hotel and hospitality facilities. With increased incidents of bed bug infestations sweeping through Massachusetts, A1 Exterminators uses proven treatments for inspection and elimination of these pests, so your guests and employees are protected.

Hospitality Facilities & Hotels Pest Control Program

  • A1 technicians provide a complete interior and exterior program for pest management.
  • We provide bed bug prevention and inspection.
  • K-9 detection can be used to look for bed bugs and to verify elimination. K-9 detection used in hotels and motels ensures that management has done everything within their power to give their guests the pest free environment they paid for. The K-9’s keen sense of smell allows them to smell through walls, floors and even underground. In case of a lawsuit initiated by a guest that was bitten, management can prove that they made every effort to rid the environment of these pests. K-9 detection is more than 95% accurate.
  • We offer detailed reports and monitoring services at each visit.