Ant Control & Extermination

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A1 Exterminators Ant Control uses the most advanced methods of ant colony detection to quickly and accurately solve your ant problem. Our trained technicians are able to locate and exterminate the colony’s nest, eliminating them completely from your home.

An Army of Ants is Nothing to Shrug Off

Ants can be a serious nuisance if they colonize in or around your home or business. They enter homes and buildings through cracks and small openings, easily scaling walls to find an entrance. Ants will eat almost anything, crumbs around the house, fruit, nuts, other insects, meats, etc. Some ants can even bite or sting! Not sure what type of ant you’re dealing with? Keep scrolling to find out.

(Don’t) Do-It-Yourself.

DIY repellents and pesticides are able to kill ants in one spot, or simply deter them from an area. But this won’t get to the root of the problem and eliminate the entire colony, and trust us – they will find another way in. A1 Exterminators uses safe and effective EPA-Certified “slow-acting bait” to stop ants at the source. Our trained technicians strategically position bait traps and let the ants do the rest. Scouts bring the bait back to their nest and share it amongst the colony until they completely eliminate themselves.

Get Pest Free with A1 Exterminators Pest Prevention Plan

With A1 Exterminators Pest Prevention Plan, we will fully exterminate your ants and provide you with ongoing protection. We perform an initial survey and comprehensive treatment of your property as well as provide an additional 3 visits a year as needed, at no additional cost to you.

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