Spring Seasonal Pests

Insects Active in Spring in Massachusetts

Many insects that have over wintered become active and swarm. Two primary examples are ants and termites, but they’re not the only pests.

  • Moisture is a main component of the spring. Heavy rains, water from snow runoff and rising ground water levels can lead to damp basements.
  • Roof leaks, leaky skylights and water leaking around windows are all common places where carpenter ants go to nest in search of water.
  • Ground water provides moisture for termites and other crawling insects. As mentioned earlier, termites swarm in spring.
  • Carpenter bees are active, taking pollen from shrubs and plants and transporting it back to their nests – drilled, half-inch holes often found on garages and other areas around the home with an accumulation of sawdust and pollen around the hole.
  • Tick activity occurs when the temperatures are warmer. The summer is when they are most active between June and August.
  • Mosquitoes are a summer pest but are active from spring through the fall. Mosquitoes are most active in Massachusetts from June through August.

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