Current Product List

Each pesticide and chemical on our product list is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

See the Current Products used by A1 Exterminators for pest control and pest management below.

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Product NameManufacturerMSDS DocumentsLabel Documents
Advion Ant gelSyngentaSDSLabel
Advion Cockroach baitSyngentaSDSLabel
Alpine Dust Insecticide BASFSDSLabel
Alpine-WSG Insecticide BASFSDSLabel
Avitrol-Whole CornAvitrolSDSLabel
BioMop PlusBioMopSDSLabel
Cb-80 Aerosol SDSFMCSDSLabel
CrossFire AerosolMGKSDSLabel
Crossfire Bed Bug ConcentrateMGKSDSLabel
D-Force InsecticideFMCLabel
Detex with LumitrackBell LabsLabel
Ditrac Tracking PowderBell LabsSDSLabel
Essentria GZoecon/Central Garden & PestLabel
Essentria IC3Zoecon/Central Garden & PestSDSLabel
Evergreen Pyrethrum DustMGKSDSLabel
Fastrac PelletsBell LabsSDSLabel
Final All Weather Rodent BloxBell LabsSDSLabel
Final Soft Rodent BaitBell LabsSDSLabel
Gentrol IGRZoecon/WellmarkLabel
Gentrol point sourceZoecon/WellmarkSDSLabel
Gourmet Ant Bait GelUni-TractSDSLabel
Liqua-Tox IIBell LabsSDSLabel
Maxforce Complete Granular BaitBayerSDSLabel
Maxforce FC Ant Bait StationBayerSDSLabel
Maxforce Fleet Ant Bait GelBayerSDSLabel
Nuvan Prostrips PlusAmvacSDSLabel
NyGuard PlusMGKSDSLabel
Onslaught InsecticideMGKSDSLabel
Phantom InsecticideBASFSDSLabel
Premise FoamBayerSDSLabel
Pyrocide- 100MGKSDSLabel
Recruit HDDowLabel
Recruit IV AGDowLabel
Shockwave Fogging ConcentrateMGKSDSLabel
Talstar XTRA VergeFMCSDSLabel
Tempo 1% DustBayerSDSLabel
Terad 3 AG BloxBell LabsSDSLabel
Termidor SCBASFSDSLabel
Vendetta Nitro Cockroach GelMGKSDSLabel
Vendetta Plus Cockroach GelMGKSDSLabel
Wasp Freeze IIBASFSDSLabel
ZP-Tracking-PowderBell LabsSDSLabel