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Overwintering Bugs

It is the time of the year when overwintering insects are determined to enter your home. The brown marmorated stink bug is one of the pests to contend with when the weather changes. There are also cluster flies, western conifer seed bugs, boxelder bugs and multi-colored asian ladybugs. These are... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday – Ladybugs

Do you have ladybugs in your home? These pests find their way into your home in the early winter and are now starting to emerge due to the warmer weather. Sometimes, they get a little confused as to which way they are suppose to exit the hibernation location. Obviously they should be heading out!... more
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Fall Is Here, Don’t Let The Bugs In!!

Fall is here now, the leaves are changing to beautiful golden colors the temperature is dropping beautify, my personal favorite season, the colors, no coats, I love everything about it, except the bugs that think my home is theirs. This is a very important time for pest proofing your home, by doing... more
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Myths And Facts About Ladybugs

Myths • Bug: A ladybug is not a bug it is a beetle. • Age: The spots on a ladybugs back do not tell the age of a ladybug. A ladybug generally only lives 1 year and the spots are with them from birth. • Reproduction: They reproduce in the spring not winter, it is believed they reproduce in the... more
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Should We Say Goodbye to Any Bugs You May Have Seen??

Well, the last couple days have been really nice out but the forecast for today and tomorrow seem to bring us back to winter. This last week almost felt like the groundhog was wrong; children were out playing basketball and riding bikes, kids ripping their coats off and parents out for walks. But... more
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Massachusetts has a new bug this fall

South-eastern Massachusetts has a new bug this fall and it’s only so long before they migrate north. The Kudzu Bug , has only been seen for about 2 years now and has really come out this year in the late summer and early fall, it will invade homes as winter approaches. So we all keep our eyes... more
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How To Prevent Fall Pests From Entering Your Home

In New England, we know that warm spring months bring ants to our picnics, the hot summer months bring annoying mosquitoes and stinging insects into yards and gardens, and the cooler fall weather brings the invasion of pests inside our homes looking for a warm and safe place to spend the winter. If... more
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Ladybug: Information on the Ladybug

Ladybugs are very cute insects. Unlike many other insects in the world, they do not make people cringe at the sight of them. Even though people like ladybugs more than other insects they can still cause problems for people and their homes. There are over 5,000 species of ladybugs and almost 400... more
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