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Termite Infestations and Feeding

Subterranean termites invade homes from the soil around and beneath the structure. Infestations occur when subterranean termite workers locate structural wood in contact with soil or when termites build shelter tubes from the soil across foundation walls and into structural wood. Subterranean... more
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Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Yes. Many people are bitten by mosquitoes with no side effects except the typical itchy welt. However, mosquitoes can be vectors for many diseases. If a mosquito feeds off a diseased host, some can transmit pathogens that can infect other hosts it subsequently bites. In the U.S., mosquitoes are... more
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Carpenter Bee Reputation

Carpenter bees, also sometimes known as wood bees, don't have a great reputation. That's because they are the ones (the female workers, again) that bore into your wood and make a hole as neat and clean as if it was bored out with a power drill. The presence of sawdust on sills or stoops is an... more
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Termite Biology

Termites are social insects like ants, bees and wasps. Social insects live in large groups, share a nest and share important biological roles among individuals within a colony. In termite colonies, important biological roles are divided among physically distinct termites called castes. Termite... more
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Do mosquitoes only feed on blood?

Only female mosquitoes bite and feed on humans. They need a blood meal in order to lay fertile eggs. Most species of mosquitoes breed continuously, so a female will search for a blood meal approximately every two days in order to lay another batch of eggs. However, both male and female mosquitoes... more
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What are brown dog ticks?

The Brown Dog tick gets its common name from its overall reddish brown color, and because it is commonly found on domestic dogs. Although this species is most commonly encountered indoors and in kennels, it typically does not bite humans. However, it will do so in the absence of a canine host on... more
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What does a mosquito look like?

Mosquitoes are very small, about 1/8 - 3/8" long. They have six legs and long mouthparts called a proboscis. Their coloring varies from grey to black with some having white, green or blue markings. Individually, mosquitoes are very difficult to spot as they fly because of their small size and... more
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Where to Find Bed Bugs

If you notice bite marks or blood spots on your body, sheets, pillows, or clothing, you may have bed bugs. Check areas of your home where they may live for further evidence. Bed bugs hide in tight, flat spaces, so they are most often found: In the seams of couches and chairs. Within the... more
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Carpenter Ant Habitat

Carpenter ants live both outdoors and indoors. They make their nest in or near moist, decaying or hollow wood. Chewing into the timber, they will carve tunnels through which they will travel and nest. This makes them a renowned pest due to the amount of damage they can cause to property. The parts... more
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Tricky Ticks Are Never Too Far

Like other pests, ticks have crawled the earth for many years and have become relatively well-known in communities across the country. While their populations are widespread, public knowledge and awareness of the threats they pose to our health and well being are unfortunately not as commonplace.... more
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