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What Cockroach Droppings Look Like

What does roach feces look like? Generally speaking, cockroach droppings are dark brown or black pellets. They’re either roundish chunks or oval-shaped, and much of what you find will simply appear as smears and stains on the surfaces that cockroaches have been crawling over. Of course,... more
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What can I do to help minimize or get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches thrive where food and water are available to them. Even tiny amounts of crumbs or liquids caught between cracks provide a food source. Important sanitation measures include the following: store food in insect-proof containers such as glass jars or re-seal-able plastic containers, keep... more
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Do cockroaches spread diseases?

Different forms of gastroenteritis (food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, etc.) appear to be the principal diseases transmitted by cockroaches. These disease-causing organisms are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches, and are deposited on food and utensils as cockroaches... more
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Cockroach Detection

American cockroaches can be detected by examining the premises after dark with a flashlight. They occur in dark, damp, warm places, often near steam pipes, in sewers, grease traps, damp basements, etc. During the day, probing hiding places with a wire will expose... more
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How to prevent a roach infestation

Cockroaches are attracted to moisture, so cutting down on your home's overall moisture levels can help control potential infestations in the future. You'll also want to avoid leaving water out -- dog bowls, half-empty cups, etc. -- and be careful to wipe down any wet surfaces, like your tub or... more
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What can cause a cockroach infestations?

The first step to getting rid of your roach problem is to understand what species of cockroaches you're dealing with. What do the roaches look like? An American cockroach is dark brown and between one and two inches long, while a German cockroach is smaller and usually more of a light brown... more
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Cockroaches In your home

Cockroaches are considered a pest because they can contaminate food and kitchen utensils with their frass (droppings), possibly spreading microbes and causing health problems. Some people may be allergic to cockroaches, or their byproducts, and many people dislike their appearance. Large... more
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How Cockroaches Are Different from Beetles

Most beetles have spiny legs, just like cockroaches. But beetles’ legs tend to be shorter than cockroach legs. On the ground, beetles are the occasional household pest, you’ll notice that its mouth has pincers. You won’t find these on a cockroach. You can also look at the wings (if it has... more
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Can Cockroach Droppings Make You Sick?

Even if you don’t have an active infestation, roach feces is a bad thing to have around. Can roach it make you sick? Yes, it can. Cockroach droppings (and shed skin) contain proteins that trigger allergies and asthma attacks in some people. They may even cause children to develop asthma. These... more
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What do cockroach eggs look like?

Cockroach eggs look like small tan, brown or black capsules shaped something like a pill or a purse. German and American cockroach eggs are approximately 1/3-inch (8 mm) long, while those of the Oriental and SmokyBrown cockroaches are slightly longer, reaching lengths of almost ½ inch (12... more
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