Natural Insect Repellants You Could Find In Your Kitchen

By Susan Billings
For centuries garlic has been used in a variety of ways. But, did you know garlic can also be used as an insect repellent?
Instead of using harsh chemicals on pets, try using garlic as a safer alternative. Simply add a clove or  two drops of garlic oil to a small dog or cat’s food daily so the natural insect repellent will build up in their body. Use two cloves for a medium dog and three cloves for large breeds to keep the fleas at bay.
Instead of using fresh garlic, brewer’s yeast and garlic tablets are available at pet supply stores. The pets find them tasty and easy to digest. This recipe for Flea-Terminating Dog Treats works great because until the garlic builds up in the pet’s body, the insect will swell and die after ingesting the brewer’s yeast.
Occasionally pets bring in fleas from walks outside and another natural flea killer used to terminate those unwanted hitchhikers is vegetable oil. Insects breathe through their skin and vegetable oil will suffocate them. Any kind of natural oil can be used, even a bit of butter will do the trick.
A friend that has a yorkie with hair to the floor occasionally finds a flea on it and used Blistex lip balm to just touch the flea with it and the oils in the ingredients kills it. She keeps that little tube of Blistex next to the sofa just for use on the dog and says it works every time.
During the hot summer months the biting bugs kept me from working on the garden until I discovered what most use in the deep south to protect themselves from “no-see-ums” biting flies, Avon Skin So Soft bug spray. I spray it on after a morning shower and it really does keep the bugs off while moisturizing my skin.
Tea tree oil sprayed in the deck or garden area will keep the bugs at bay, too. Harsh chemicals that can cause reactions are not needed when natural remedies are available.
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