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Insects Wings Found to Have Natural Antibiotics

Scientists have discovered that cicadas, a locust-like insect, have wings that naturally kill some bacteria on contact. This could potentially be used to keep public surfaces, like handrails, clean. The clanger cicada keeps bacteria away because of the small spikes that kill bacteria by ripping... more
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Beetles Fight Hemlock Eating Pests

By The Associated Press For nearly 60 years, scientists have watched helplessly as a war of bug vs. hemlock played out from Georgia to Maine. Now they’ve got a new weapon in their arsenal — another bug — and say the tide is turning, at least in New England. The hemlock woolly adelgid,... more
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5 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent Next Year's Garden Pest Problems

What to Do This Fall to Combat Insect Pests in Your Garden By Debbie Hadley Don't wait until spring to relive this year's garden pest nightmares. The best defense against insect pests is a good offense, and that means starting in fall. If this year's harvest was a bust, try these 5 things you... more
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Natural Insect Repellants You Could Find In Your Kitchen

By Susan Billings For centuries garlic has been used in a variety of ways. But, did you know garlic can also be used as an insect repellent? Instead of using harsh chemicals on pets, try using garlic as a safer alternative. Simply add a clove or  two drops of garlic oil to a small dog or cat's... more
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