Don't Let Bedbugs Keep You From Traveling This Summer


Does all this talk about bedbugs make you hesitant to travel? The constant news coverage of the spreading infestations of bedbugs in major cities could keep you at home this summer. But you could plan your vacation wisely and steer clear of the bugs!
First, decide where you would like to take a trip. When choosing your travel destinations you can pick an area that has had little trouble with bedbug infestations. This may mean avoiding major cities or simply staying at the right hotels. Check the bedbug registry to see the top danger zones for bedbug infestations. You can also type in the name and location of a particular hotel and view bedbug reports before you book your stay.
When you arrive at your hotel room you should check the room to make sure it is bedbug free. This may include looking under the mattress, upholstered furniture, and framed pictures hanging on the wall. This quick check only takes a few minutes and could save you the trouble of dealing with these nasty little pests. We also have some tips to protect yourself against bedbugs so you don’t bring them home with you!
If you do find yourself with a bedbug problem in your home, don’t fret just yet! The professionals at A1 Exterminators can help you! A1’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to bed bug control and eradication combines all available methods of eliminating bed bugs. We have an 8-Step Program to eliminate these pests and will work with you to find the perfect plan to meet your budget.
Have a safe and bedbug free summer!

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