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Mosquitoes | Risk Map for EEE and West Nile Virus

How does your town rank on the Arbovirus Risk Map? Over the summer, there were 9 confirmed cases of West Nile Virus in Massachusetts. Additionally, there were 27 Mosquito-positive samples. Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Newtown, Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, and... more

Get Rid of Ticks Today With A1 Exterminators

Map showing Typical Treatment Zone for mosquitoes and ticks (residential). Includes frontyard gardens, sideyard gardens, vegetable garden, and backyard woodsy areas especially.
As fall approaches, ticks will be appearing in full force. Ticks look to host on small animals in spring moving to larger animals by summer/fall. Get rid of ticks for good: #TickSeason #TickTreatment... more
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Learn More About Our Pest Control Services

Our effective residential & commercial pest control and sanitizing/disinfecting maintenance programs are customized to fit your individual needs.   Learn more about us;   #A1Exterminators #PestControl #PestFree... more
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How A1 Exterminators Helps You Protect Your Home From Mosquitoes & Ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks are not only annoying, they can also carry disease. These pests can infest your home and yard, making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Mosquito and tick infestations can be difficult to control, but there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of these... more
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View All Of Our June & July Promos

For all of our new customers who share the coupon code on the page below, for a limited time and while supplies last, you'll get $25 OFF any new one-time service* (Conditions Apply).   Claim your promo coupon:... more
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2022 Pest Calendar: Which Pests Should You Look Out For This Year?

Photo of active wasp nest in foreground, with children playing in the yard (background) "2022 Seasonal Pests" [A1 Logo]
If you're like most people, you probably think of pests as being the bugs that invade your home in the summer. However, there are many pests that can be a problem during other times of the year. In particular, pests that thrive in the winter can cause a lot of damage. There are many pests... more
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How long do ticks feed

Once a tick finds a place to feed, it will stay there anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks. Ticks bite once and use that site to feed on your blood until they’re full. A tick will fall off on its own once it’s full. You won’t get multiple bites from a tick. Most tick bites are painless and... more
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Remember To Cover Up for Ticks

Fall is the time for raking leaves or storing materials beside the shed or under decks, and there is always the chance of encountering a tick. Below are a few tips on helping to prevent tick bites: Use insect repellent containing DEET. Wear closed-toe shoes and long-sleeved clothing when... more
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Tick Diseases

Ticks are bugs that feed on the blood of mammals, birds, or reptiles. Black-legged (deer) ticks and dog ticks are found throughout Massachusetts and may spread different disease-causing germs when they bite you. The most common tick-borne diseases in Massachusetts are Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, and... more
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Avoid Ticks with Insect Repellent

The best way to avoid tick bites is to use an insect repellent containing 20% to 30% of the active ingredient DEET. Other effective repellents are available, but DEET is easily recognized on the label in the list of ingredients.“In addition to using DEET, people should do careful tick checks of... more
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