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We are considered an Essential Service per the government so if you have any rodent, ant, termite or other pest issues, we can come to you and exterminate them! We have protocols set in place, if anyone is sick or feeling ill we cannot treat their residence or business. If there are no medical... more
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Tuesday Bug Tip | Springtime Flea and Tick Care Tips

Spring is now officially upon us. We've all had some time to adjust to Daylight Savings Time (except for those of you in Arizona) and the days are getting longer and warmer. Warm days and more sun lays the perfect opportunity for fleas to come out of hiding. Here's our tips for getting you dog... more
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Tick Eggs and Humans

The good news is that ticks don’t lay eggs on humans or on any other animals. Adult female ticks only lay their eggs after they have filled up on blood and detached from the host. The bad news is that tick eggs can still be a serious problem. If they detach from you or your pet inside your... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday | Getting Rid of Tick Eggs

If you find them in your home, the best way to kill tick eggs is using table salt. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over your carpet or couch cushions, and leave the salt for a week. The salt will dehydrate and kill tick eggs. To kill tick eggs in the yard you can use commercially available... more
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Find the Repellent that is Right for You

Use the search tool below to help you choose the repellent product that is right for you. You can specify : mosquitoes, ticks or both; protection time; active ingredient; or other product-specific information. Consider these factors when choosing a repellent: Do you need protection... more
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Red meat allergy from tick bite

The lone star tick, found in the eastern half of the U.S. and Mexico, can cause you to develop an alpha-gal allergy. Alpha-gal is a sugar found in red meats like beef, lamb and pork. Lone star tick bites, it seems, increase the level of antibodies for alpha-gal in your body, leading to allergic... more
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Protect yourself from Lyme Disease

#1 — Clear Out Lawn & Tree Debris: Ticks thrive in shady, moist areas. Clear away compost and debris piles and separate play areas with wood chips or gravel. #2 — Clean Up & Check Out Hiding Places: Clear out leaf litter and brush around your property and keep tall grass short and... more
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Tick Facts at a Glance

Ticks are arthropods of the class Arachnida (not an insect). Arachnids also include spiders and mites; The general life cycle of a hard tick: Egg - larva (has six legs); nymph (has eight legs); adult (also has eight legs); All three stages (nymph, larva and adult) require at least one... more
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How much do you REALLY know about ticks and ways to prevent them?

Ticks carry disease, but they won’t kill you. True or False? False. Ticks can kill you, but only if you do not treat a bite effectively. Small ticks, such as deer ticks, often can go unnoticed. However, these ticks carry diseases, most commonly Lyme disease. Early symptoms of a bite may include... more
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Little-Known Tick Facts

If you’re a warm weather lover, know your risk of tick exposure when spending time outdoors this spring and summer. Read up on these potentially disease-carrying pests and learn how to protect yourself. 5 Little-known Facts Related to Ticks It’s summertime, which means more... more
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