Where Do Centipedes Come From?

Centipede A1 Exterminators Where Did They Come From?

House centipedes originated in the Mediterranean region of the world. But the earliest reported sighting in the United States was in 1849. They were most likely transported here by some cargo ship. When you encounter a house centipede, it will most likely be in the basement of your home. These insects like to dwell in damp, humid environments. This is the best place for them because this type of environment protects them from the cold and dehydration. Even though 90% of the time they are encountered in the basement, they have been found all over the home. Basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. Unfortunately they’ve even been known to be in the bed with people while they sleep, that is just not right! The worst part, they run very fast and can climb walls as well as ceilings. As you can see without immediate action they can invade your entire home. We have all had that first time we see one and all you can think is, “What the hell is that”, as it runs one way and you either freeze screaming or run the other way. Then as you read about them and look them up you find out and try to kill them as you see them, I say try as it can be a challenge, they are FAST!!!

How To Kill House Centipedes!

We are not talking the how to grab a shoe and squash that sucker flat, we are talking for good, where there is 1 there could be 100, with the amount of eggs a female can lay this is not far fetched! And as well as the squishing method works, you can not be awake all hours of the night to keep a watch. Well, there are a few other ways and here you go.
  • Call Us!!! This will probably be your best bet. We can kill the house centipede and the insect infestation that they are following! And then come back for a follow up a few months later to get any that maybe did not hatch or were out to play when we sprayed.
  • Boric Acid– Boric acid acts as a stomach poison if the insect ingests it, and it is abrasive to their exoskeleton if they touch it!
  • Dehumidify- How does it work? Well, since the house centipede likes to hang out where there is moisture and humidity, you can use a dehumidifier to dry up the moisture and humidity! Thus making his stay in your home very unpleasant. This won’t work as well as the boric acid and not close to what we could do but it will help to keep them away. This would be best used to keep up with the infestation after we come and spray.

So give us a call today, A1 Exterminators, 1-800-525-4825!!!

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