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Bug Tip – Winter Pests

Organize storage spaces including the attic, basement and garage as to remove clutter.  Keep the kitchen as spotless as possible so that pests are not attracted to food... more
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Money Saving Tips for Winterizing Your Home

In many parts of the country, especially New England, this is the time of the year to start winterizing. Cooling temperatures signal the time to put away the garden hoses, retire the lawnmower, test the snow blower and fill up the bird feeders. Here are a few tips to help you winterize your home... more
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Where Do Centipedes Come From?

Where Did They Come From? House centipedes originated in the Mediterranean region of the world. But the earliest reported sighting in the United States was in 1849. They were most likely transported here by some cargo ship. When you encounter a house centipede, it will most likely be in the... more
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Why Are Centipedes In My Home?

Why Do I Have Centipedes? House centipedes are hunters! They are what is known as insectivores, meaning that they hunt and kill other insects! Great right, who doesn't want something to killing other insects? But wait, doesn't that mean if I have seen these things in my home, it means that my... more
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Get Those Summer Clothes Out of Storage

Spring is coming.  So you go to the attic, basement or back of the closet to dig out that storage container of summer clothing.  When you find the box you've been looking for, what else could be inside?  Maybe a few things you didn't put in the storage container to begin with.  Maybe you find a... more
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