Why Are Centipedes In My Home?

Why Do I Have Centipedes?
House centipedes are hunters! They are what is known as insectivores, meaning that they hunt and kill other insects! Great right, who doesn’t want something to killing other insects? But wait, doesn’t that mean if I have seen these things in my home, it means that my home has other insect? Yup, that’s correct, and not just ‘other’ insects, there is a chance you have lots other insects if centipedes bother to hang (run) around your home. YUCK!!
House centipedes eat spiders, bedbugs, silverfish, termites, roaches, cockroaches, ants and whatever insect that run into. This is the only reason that they are in your home, to hunt other insects down, if you did not have there dinner running around your home they wouldn’t bother, they would move in next door.
The house centipede is not dangerous to humans, they won’t bite you, it may sting you and the sting is not pleasant, but the big problem here is you want them out! And the fact is, most homes have spiders, silverfish, ants, or even termites, bedbugs or roaches, and if they are already moved in, well, it’s only a matter of time that the centipede comes to dinner.

I Only Saw One, Could There Be More?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point, there is no real telling just how many you have. Maybe you saw 1 yesterday and that was the 1st time in a while, or maybe you killed one a week ago but had no clue your husband killed 2 more earlier that week. Where are they coming from and could you be surprised one day to find an infestation?
The house centipede has a lifespan of about 3 to 7 years of age. The females begin to lay eggs at around the age of 3. The average female house centipede can lay between 60 to 150 eggs at a time! So my guess, there is not just 1!!!
If you are concerned by the centipedes and believe there is a chance there are other pests roaming around your home, then give us a call and we can take care of them for you. Call A1 Exterminators at 1-800-525-4825 today!!
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