Tips for Tick Safety

Ticks can be very worrisome for people who love the outdoors.  They carry many risks of disease for our pets and humans. Here is a list of tips if if you have come in contact with Ticks.

  1. While your outdoors or in any densely-populated tick area make sure to tuck the bottom of your pants legs into your socks. Ticks often attach themselves to this part of the pants.
  2. If you are hiking, make sure to hike in the center of the trail, and not on the edges or side of the trail. Ticks will wait on plants or other areas on the edge of trails hoping to hitch a ride to a host that they can feed on.
  3. When coming from an outdoors, throw your clothing directly into the dryer. The dryer will kill any pest with a 10-minute cycle on high heat. This is also a good way to make sure ticks don’t get into your home.
  4. Always check for ticks. Tick nymphs or young ticks are very hard to see on the skin so you should examine yourself carefully. Taking regular showers can help wash ticks off.
  5. If you do find a tick make sure you remove it quickly and properly. Use a pair of fine tipped tweezers and grab the tick as close to where they have attached to the skin you can. Then make sure to pull straight back avoiding squeezing the ticks body, as this will break apart the tick leaving some behind after removal.
  6. After the tick has been removed, make sure that you wash the area. The washing will help keep any infection out.
  7. Monitor yourself for symptoms of tick related diseases, and contact a doctor immediately if you are concerned or feel sick.
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