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Bug Tip Tuesday – Tick Facts for Your Pet

Ticks are a serious danger to your pets.  Learn about Ticks so you know what you are looking for after a walk with Fido. Ticks are arachnids. Meaning, they are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than insects. Ticks have four life stages: egg, larva (infant), nymph (immature), and... more
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Massachusetts Most Common Pests

Mosquitoes There are close to twenty documented mosquito species in eastern Massachusetts alone. These pests tend to live near standing water because that’s where they breed. Mosquito populations are constantly tested for diseases like West Nile, Triple E and most recently the Zika Virus.... more
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Mosquitoes in Your Yard

These pests are not only irritating, but harmful to you and your family. Besides the welts and itchiness that they bring, mosquitoes can transmit several potentially life-threatening diseases. While humans can obtain West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) from mosquitoes, pets can... more
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It’s Your Yard Tick Program

It’s Your Yard. Defend it with our tick control program.  This program offers: 70-90% reduction in mosquitoes and ticks. Safe and organic treatment. Less pests means less diseases (West Nile, EEE, Lyme... more
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Mosquitoes can Ruin a Party

Don’t want your spring to bite? Protect yourself from insect bites during outdoor activities. Be sure to get a bug spray containing DEET. It can repel disease-carrying mosquitoes, and to a lesser degree, ticks. If you’re worried about DEET, don’t be—it is the safest repellent for the most... more
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Tips To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Here are some tips to avoid mosquito bites: Avoid mosquito hot spots One way you can avoid mosquito bites when traveling is to check to see if your vacation destination is a hot spot for mosquito activity, and if the areas where the mosquito-borne diseases are more prevalent. Luckily organizations... more
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Tips for Tick Safety

Ticks can be very worrisome for people who love the outdoors.  They carry many risks of disease for our pets and humans. Here is a list of tips if if you have come in contact with Ticks. While your outdoors or in any densely-populated tick area make sure to tuck the bottom of your pants legs... more
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Bug Tip Tuesday – Sage Bundles

Now is the season to be sitting by the fire enjoying the spring nights.  However, it is also the season that the mosquitoes will be coming back and in full force. Try adding a few bundles of sage into the fire to keep the mosquitoes away.  They don't like the scent and you will be able to enjoy... more
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