Stink Bugs Looking For A Home

As autumn approaches and cooler weather moves in, stink bugs are likely to make an appearance inside your home in the coming weeks, that is, if they haven’t already.
“Adult stink bugs are known to take flight in search of overwintering sites in the late fall,” said Gary Weisberg, owner, for Exterminators. “During this time, they can slip into our living spaces through small openings in window screens and other areas you think they may be able to enter, so it’s important for homeowners to consider pest-proofing befstink bug A1 Exterminatorsore an infestation develops.”
Although stink bugs don’t present a health threat to people, the fact that they look to our homes as a winter vacation spot makes them a major nuisance. The National Pest Management Association NPMA) recommends the following prevention tips to minimize the chance of a stink bug invasion:

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, ceiling fans and light switches to prevent stink bugs from entering the home.
  • Replace outdoor lighting with yellow bulbs, which are less attractive to stink bugs.
  • Repair damaged window screens and install door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Install screens over the chimney and attic vents.
  • Properly ventilate basements, attics, garages and crawl spaces. Consider using a dehumidifier.
  • If stink bugs have already entered a home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately to prevent odor from permeating the area.

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