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2022 Pest Calendar: Which Pests Should You Look Out For This Year?

Photo of active wasp nest in foreground, with children playing in the yard (background) "2022 Seasonal Pests" [A1 Logo]
If you're like most people, you probably think of pests as being the bugs that invade your home in the summer. However, there are many pests that can be a problem during other times of the year. In particular, pests that thrive in the winter can cause a lot of damage. There are many pests... more
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Increase In Spiders During Winter Months

Spiders aren’t a seasonal pest, but many homeowners tend to notice an increased presence in their homes in the early fall months as the arachnids become more obvious while they search for a mate. Even though most spider species in the United States don’t pose health risks to humans, most... more
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It’s Moth Season

Fall is the prime season for moths.  Since many homes now have walk-in closets, this give moth far m ore space to access clothing and remain hidden. Here are some tips on keeping moths at bay this season. DEEP CLEAN The best thing you can do to prevent a moth attack is to put your clothes away... more
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Stink Bug Season is Back

Stink bug populations peak in the fall, which could leave you dealing with some smelly visitors. Take action with these prevention tips from A1 Exterminators to keep your house free of stink bugs: Residents in several regions of the U.S. are waging a battle against the brown marmorated stink bug.... more
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Pest Control Tips for the Fall

Cold weather brings everyone indoors. Sitting in your living room with a pair of slippers and a blanket wrapped around your shoulders can be a comforting feeling… until a mouse scurries across the floor. Your family may not be the only ones enjoying the warmth of your home. Pests such as rats,... more
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Try Our Pest ID

When the season change, there are new and different bugs entering your home looking for food and shelter.  If you have an new insect looking for a home, check out our bug identifier to see what type of pest you have in your home. Once identified, we can come to your home for a free home estimate... more
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Prevent Cluster Flies

As soon as the fall approaches, the cluster flies begin to enter homes and buildings in large numbers. At this time of the year, the days become shorter and temperature begins to fall, hence they enter homes in search for overwintering sites. During this time the west and south facing buildings are... more
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Stinging Insects in Fall

Did you know that stinging insects such as wasps and hornets actually get more aggressive during late summer and early fall? They’re busy foraging for food to sustain the colony’s queen over the winter.... more
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Fall Pest Prevention

The cooler weather brings everyone indoors. Imagine sitting in front of the fire, nice and warm, snuggled up and a mouse runs across the floor in front of you. Bringing the warm in to your home and it also brings some other pests looking to keep warm. Pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches and some... more
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