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How do I get rid of stink bugs?

If you find stink bugs in your house or garden, the best way to eliminate them is by physically removing them. Vacuuming is one reliable method for removing the bugs from both indoor and outdoor areas. Be warned: They’re called stink bugs for a reason! The bugs release the skunk-smelling... more
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The Brown Stink Bug

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (referred to by the acronym, BMSB) (Halyomorpha halys) is a newly introduced pest in the United States. It is speculated that the adult insects stowed away inside bulk freight containers arriving from Asia, as happens with many invading insects to get here. BMSB is... more
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Stink Bug Season is Back

Stink bug populations peak in the fall, which could leave you dealing with some smelly visitors. Take action with these prevention tips from A1 Exterminators to keep your house free of stink bugs: Residents in several regions of the U.S. are waging a battle against the brown marmorated stink bug.... more
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DIY Stink Bug Spray

A home made stink bug spray. Mix 32 oz hot water with 3/4 cup mild dish soap. Spray this solution directly onto stink bugs or in areas where stink bugs gather. It will kill the current bugs there without the awful smell and keep new bugs from gathering in that... more
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Stink Bugs Looking For A Home

As autumn approaches and cooler weather moves in, stink bugs are likely to make an appearance inside your home in the coming weeks, that is, if they haven’t already. “Adult stink bugs are known to take flight in search of overwintering sites in the late fall,” said Gary Weisberg, owner, for... more
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So Long Stink Bugs

March 14th, 2011 10:12 am ET Maryland might have a solution...will Boston follow? The brown marmorated stink bug will soon meet it's arch rival in the form of an Asian wasp. The wasps are being raised in quarantine in a Delaware laboratory. The wasps are said to be very efficient at... more
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