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The Dangers of Fall Pests

The fall season brings with it warmer homes that will have pests seeking ways to move indoors and hunker down for the colder months ahead. Mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders are most likely to be lurking nearby in search of points of entry. A1 Exterminators explains that these fall pests can pose... more
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Keep Spiders From Spooking You This Fall

It’s the time of year when spiders are on the hunt for a warm, secluded place to build a web and catch their next meal. A1 Exterminators warns that basements, attics and garages serve as the perfect refuge for these creepy crawlers and encourages homeowners to take proper precautions to avoid... more
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Foolproof Pest-Proofing Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your House This Fall

When the weather turns cold, the idea of being cozied up next to a warm fireplace is appealing to both humans and pests. Rodents, cockroaches and spiders are just some of the likely culprits that will look to make their way indoors uninvited when the temperatures drop. As we draw closer to winter,... more
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Pest-Proofing Tips For Fall

Cold weather brings everyone indoors – including rodents and pests. Follow these 10 pest-proofing tips to keep your house pest-free this fall. Your family may not be the only ones enjoying the warmth of your home. Pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches and some species of spiders have life cycles... more
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It’s Moth Season

Fall is the prime season for moths.  Since many homes now have walk-in closets, this give moth far m ore space to access clothing and remain hidden. Here are some tips on keeping moths at bay this season. DEEP CLEAN The best thing you can do to prevent a moth attack is to put your clothes away... more
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Stink Bugs Looking For A Home

As autumn approaches and cooler weather moves in, stink bugs are likely to make an appearance inside your home in the coming weeks, that is, if they haven’t already. “Adult stink bugs are known to take flight in search of overwintering sites in the late fall,” said Gary Weisberg, owner, for... more
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Prepare Your Home For The Fall

Fall is just around the corner now, beautiful weather, glorious colored leaves, fairs and festivals, you can just smell it in the air, and just as you are preparing for your fall activities, the bug are preparing for the cold season. Because we have had such an early spring and summer with... more
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