Deer Ticks Arrive Earlier Than Usual!!

Deer ticks have arrived early this year, spurred on by warmer than normal temperatures. Try to keep them off pets and yourselves to avoid Lyme Disease!
Forget the groundhog, this year the tick told us spring has arrived, in January! Now that it’s April, the little buggers seem to be everywhere, scurrying across pets’ faces and bellies, trying to find a place to latch on for a meal.
The cold-blooded insect is alive but hiding out in leaf-debris over the winter. As soon as the temperatures rise, they are out, if there is no heat they don’t move, as soon as the weather gets warmer they are active again. The deer tick, a carrier of Lyme Disease, is of special concern for humans and pets.
Remember to protect your family from ticks and after being outdoors in high tick areas check yourselves and pets for signs of ticks. You want to be extra careful with pets, leaving your dogs outdoors roaming around for hours, if ticks land on them they could bring them indoors!

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