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Common ticks in Massachusetts

Identification There are two species of ticks common in Massachusetts: the deer tick (I. scapularis) and the dog tick. An adult deer tick is substantially smaller than the more common dog tick, however size is not always a useful indicator since an engorged tick can be several times the size... more
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Keep Pets Protected From Fleas and Ticks

With the return of warm weather, everyone wants to spend more time outdoors—including household pets such as dogs and cats. Like people, pets are also at risk for the serious health complications that can arise from tick and flea bites. Pet owners should take the necessary precautions to protect... more
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I Have A Tick Bite, Does That Mean I Have Lyme Disease?

No! The chances that you might get Lyme disease from a single tick bite depend on the type of tick, where you acquired it, and how long it was attached to you. Many types of ticks bite people in the U.S., but only blacklegged ticks transmit the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Furthermore, only... more
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New Ticks Spread Across Southeast, Diseases Rise

Published May 29, 2012/Associated Press In the trees and grasses of the South, there are a growing number of unwanted visitors that at best are an itchy nuisance and at worst can carry debilitating diseases: Ticks. Public health officials say that numbers of reported cases of diseases like Lyme... more
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Deer Ticks Arrive Earlier Than Usual!!

Deer ticks have arrived early this year, spurred on by warmer than normal temperatures. Try to keep them off pets and yourselves to avoid Lyme Disease! Forget the groundhog, this year the tick told us spring has arrived, in January! Now that it's April, the little buggers seem to be everywhere,... more
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New Method to Control Disease-Carrying Insects

Purdue researchers are discovering the next generation of insecticides directed at disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes, ticks and tsetse flies, which could help professionals in the human health and veterinary sectors. Catherine A. Hill, associate professor of entomology in the College of... more
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The War on Bedbugs Starts Now: The 2nd National Bed Bug Summit

A summit to fight the epidemic of Cimex lectularius convenes today in Washington DC as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a half dozen other federal agencies try to address the "consumer concern about the rising incidence of bed bugs in the United States." The 2011 National Bedbug... more
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Bicyclists…It’s Tick Season

After two weekends of enduro racing and a tough week last week that included lots of hard digging on the dirt, I am rolling into a much needed rest week with Trans-Sylvania sitting just two weeks down the road. That means it is what I like to call “tick season.” I'm so ready to rock. Tick... more
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For Boston hotels, dogs lead the charge in finding bed bugs

"A dog's keen sense of smell can detect bed bugs in all crevasses quickly while it takes an exterminator hours to perform the same inspection," says Carl Massicott, owner of Advanced K9 Detectives, in Milford, CT. As reported in the Boston Globe, in the past 5 1/2 years at least ten Boston area... more
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Tick season in Chelmsford

By Monica Jimenez / Wicked Local Chelmsford GateHouse News Service Posted May 18, 2011 @ 08:31 AM Chelmsford — April showers bring May flowers. But with flowers come weeds and with weeds come ticks – and with these eight-legged creepy-crawlies come a host of malaises that can ruin... more
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