Watch Out For Fall Pests

Fall can be a very busy season for pests but many homeowners don’t realize it. Insects and rodents get ready for winter and often enter homes. Here is a list of some fall pests to watch out for this season:

  • Overwintering insects try to get into homes this time of year via loose screens, cracks around the foundation and through attic vents.
  • Cluster flies and bees may still be active in the attic.
  • Ladybugs and western conifer seed bugs (stink bugs) — which are members of a class of pests known as “occasional invaders” – may also become a problem this time of year.
  • Rodents start entering homes and garages to nest for the upcoming colder months and they may be thriving on bagged bird seed and grass seed in the garage, on food they find in the kitchen, or on crumbs from snacks taken to other rooms.
  • Mice can survive quite nicely on crumbs and have even been found living in furniture where spilled crumbs accumulate under the cushions. Mice and other rodents create health concerns for you and your family.

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