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Northern Black Widow Spider

Northern Black Widow Spider is found outdoors, they are found in old stumps, hollow logs, under fallen fence posts, in abandoned animal burrows or piles of brush, and in the corners of sheds and crawlspaces. In the northern black widow, the distinctive "hour glass" marking on the underside of the... more
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Indian meal moths

It is common in ordinary households to experience the occasional uninvited pest. Ants, flies, spiders, stinkbugs and many other types of insects all wreak havoc on homes by causing damage to building structures and eating human and pet foods. These pests can be a severe nuisance in the home and can... more
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Spider Nuisances

When scared or provoked, spiders can bite, which usually leaves a mildly painful or itchy reaction? Most spiders found in Bourne, MA are less harmful than they are creepy. Spiders that are dangerous or poisonous in North America tend to live in only southern regions of the United States and... more
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How much do you REALLY know about ticks and ways to prevent them?

Ticks carry disease, but they won’t kill you. True or False? False. Ticks can kill you, but only if you do not treat a bite effectively. Small ticks, such as deer ticks, often can go unnoticed. However, these ticks carry diseases, most commonly Lyme disease. Early symptoms of a bite may include... more
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Why mosquitoes are considered a dangerous pest?

Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous diseases and are often described as one of the deadliest animals on earth. Some of the most common and well-known diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include Zika, West Nile virus, malaria, dengue and equine encephalitis (EEE). According to the World Health... more
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Burn some sage to get rid of mosquitoes

Burning sage is often used to “cleanse” a room or get rid of bad vibes, but it’s also a useful mosquito repellent.  Sage is about 40 percent effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay, which is better than nothing. But if you really want to keep the little pests away, burning thyme was found to... more
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Indoor control of carpenter ants | Bug Tip Tuesday

The best way to control carpenter ants is to locate and destroy the nest, replace damaged or decayed wood and eliminate moisture problems, if they exist. Eliminating a carpenter ant nest can be difficult because of the hidden nature of the nest. Carpenter ant control is usually best done by an... more
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Carpenter Ant Prevention | Bug Tip Tuesday

Replace moisture-damaged wood. Prevent moisture from wood or lumber that is stored in a garage or near the house by elevating it to allow air circulation. Store firewood as far away from buildings as possible. Remove tree and shrub stumps and roots. Trim branches that overhang the... more
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Common ticks in Massachusetts

Identification There are two species of ticks common in Massachusetts: the deer tick (I. scapularis) and the dog tick. An adult deer tick is substantially smaller than the more common dog tick, however size is not always a useful indicator since an engorged tick can be several times the size... more
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Pest & Insect Prevention Tips for the Attic

To ensure that the attic is home to only old family keepsakes, homeowners should follow these easy-to-do pest-proofing tips. First, start outside by trimming any overhanging tree branches and overgrown bushes and vines near the home that could allow rodents to access the roof. If present,... more
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