Spring is in just 4 short weeks now, are you ready? Or should I say, is your house ready?

Here are some things you can start to do to prepare for all those pesky spring insects that will be making there way back out into the world really soon.

  1. Clean the outside first! It is important to clean the outside of the house then work you way inside, just like you would start upstairs and move down. Rake the leaves, branches and any weeds that have been left from last year. Clean up children’s toys containers that may fill with rain water as insects such as Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in water.
  2. Move inside, upstairs first! Like I said, it always made sense to start upstairs and move you way down, and when you are upstairs, start with the attic, closets and storage spaces. You will want to do this on recycle week as you may have lots of unused or broken boxes that have been hiding away becoming homes to lots of insects, especially spiders. After clearing the large spaces, it is time to dust, sweep and mop away all leftover debris, which can be a great meal for some insects, including Cockroaches.
  3. Vacuum your house exceptionally well! You need to remove any possible food crumbs that could be living inside your sofas or under your carpets. Under radiators, lamps, small corners of the wall you can’t quite reach. As well as the corners on the ceiling you don’t normally reach. Clean out your pantries and cupboards form spills and crumbs, this is where lots of food collects, and be careful of Moths as you may get Weevils in your flour, so keep everything in closed containers.
  4. Seal All Cracks! Cracks can lead to water damage and mold growth and with the excess moisture insects will be more likely to enter your home. Pests feed off of mold and moisture so when you are cleaning your home, keep an eye open for all signs of cracks, mold, moisture and rotted wood. And do not forget you basement, basements are where lots of pest like to hide, they are moist and dark, perfect breading grounds for insects like the Centipede.

So enjoy you spring cleaning, may be a lot of work, but in the end you will have a lot more relaxation during the spring and summer months knowing you house is tidy and bug free. And if you do find any pesky pests living in your home contact A1-Exterminators today!! www.a1exterminators.com

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