Spiders are Some of the Scariest Pests

It’s the spookiest month of the year and spiders top many people’s lists of the scariest pests! Here’s a handy guide for identifying common species that frequently find their way in to homes, including the brown recluse spiders:
Brown Recluse Spiders
brown_recluse_spider_-_bug_0758.jpgBrown recluse spiders have a characteristic dark brown violin marking on their back. These spiders often infest cedar shake roofs and spin irregular webs, which are used as a retreat.

Common House Spiders
The common house spider is usually the spider most often encountered indoors. It is a nuisance pest, probably more because of its webs than the spider itself. The house spider is found worldwide and is common throughout the United States and Canada.ImageGen


Hobo Spiders
The common name for the hobo spider comes from its presumed method of expanding its distribution by hitching rides with humans along major highways in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the hobo spider was introduced from EuroImageGenpe in the 1930s and has become established in at least 6 states since, displacing many native spider species as it spreads.


Jumping Spiders
About 300 species of jumping spiders are found in the United States and Canada. Unlike most spiders, jumping spiders are active during the daytime and seem to like sunshiHow to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders – Jumping Spider Bites & Controlne.


Long-bodied Cellar Spiders

Long-bodied cellar spiders are commonly referred to as “daddy-long-legs” because of their very long, thin legs, and as their name implies, are found in dark and damp places like cellars and basements. There are about 20 species of cellar spiders in the United States and Canada.ImageGen


Wolf Spiders
ImageGenUnlike most spiders, wolf spiders don’t hunt with webs. Instead, they chase their prey using their fast running ability. These spiders are often big and hairy which alarms some people, but they are primarily nuisance pests. Over 100 species of wolf spiders are found in the United States and Canada.


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