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Get Rid of Termites & Protect Your Precious Wood Furniture

Whether you are building a new home and want to take preventative measures against termite attacks, or you currently have a termite problem in your home, A1 Exterminators can help.   Get rid of termites today:... more
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Carpenter Ants vs. Termites: 5 Ways To Tell The Difference

There are many types of ants that can be found in and around homes, but carpenter ants and termites are two of the most common. Both carpenter ants and termites are attracted to wood, but there are some key differences between the two. Carpenter ants are generally larger than termites and have a... more
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5 Ways To Detect a Termite Swarm In Your House

Are you looking to prevent termites so that your summer plans aren’t derailed before they begin?Every year, millions of homes across the United States are damaged by termites. In fact, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. If you suspect you have... more
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Let A1 Exterminators Help You Get Rid of Termites…

Let A1 Exterminators do the Dirty Work.   Before the Termites Destroy Your Home A1 Exterminators team of qualified, experienced technicians ready to eliminate your termite problem. A1 Exterminators has installed the Sentricon® system for termite control in thousands homes,... more
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3 Tips To Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home

Are you looking to prevent termites this Spring? There are few things as frustrating as dealing with a termite infestation in your home and there are a few key tips to help you prevent termites from entering your home. These pesky critters can cause a lot of damage to your property if not dealt... more
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Are Termites Destroying Your Precious Wood? Shut Them Down Today

The bottom line is this. We want to kill termites as much as you do, but we want to protect the environment as much as you do, too. The Sentricon System is termite control proven to do both. When the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System was introduced in 1995, it revolutionized... more
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Outside Spring Clean Up | Bug Tip Tuesday

Once you complete your list of tasks inside, conduct an audit of your home’s perimeter, taking stock of any damage done over the winter months. Start on the roof by repairing fascia and rotted roof shingles, as some insects are drawn to deteriorating wood. Then, clean out clogged gutters and... more
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Keep Firewood Away | Bug Tip Tuesday

The spring is a great season to snuggle by the outdoor fire pit. Outdoors, firewood should be stored at least 20 feet from the home on a raised structure, such as concrete blocks. These tips should help reduce the possibility of encountering unwanted visitors in your home this season, but if... more
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Pest Control for New Homeowners

Buying a new home is exciting. Everyone sets out to buy new furniture, decor and maybe even a new grill. However, besides home security, most people don't initially think of what annual maintenance will be needed for your new home. Home security is important especially since your most prized... more
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Termite Fact

Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning damage to wood in and around a structure can happen very quickly. In fact, the NPMA estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. The good news is that termites can be controlled by an A1 Exterminators trained pest... more
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