What Lives in Your Christmas Tree?

Everyone loves the smell and look of a real Christmas tree in our homes. We decorate it just right with lights and pretty ornaments. A lot of us will be heading out in the next few weeks to pick out the perfect tree, but did you know that there could be up to 25,000 insects, mites and spiders inside that beautifully decorated tree?Christmas Tree - Pest Control - A1 Exterminators

Insects hide and live in the Christmas trees we bring in to our homes.  An Associate Professor Bjarte Jordal at the University Museum of Bergen, lists springtails, bark lice, mites, moths and the odd spider are the most likely insects to be dragged into the average household come Christmas time.

Insects tend to sleep in the winter. Or you could say they hibernate for the winter.  Insects close down to hibernate and become come completely inactive. Once they are brought into the warm environment of your home, they reawaken and believe it is spring.
Since these little buggers are invisible to the human eye, we should be able to spot the random spider that happens to catch a ride in to the house.  Even with the minimal danger these pests bring, people should be aware of what they are bringing into their homes.

Try to purchase a locally grown tree, do not try to clean out your tree because you will end up limiting the life of your Christmas tree.  So take this in to consideration when thinking about bugs in your tree, most households have plants and with those come little pests as well.  They all live in their own little worlds and most don’t come out to visit us.  But when you bring a tree into your home, there is a good chance you are bringing part of nature with it.

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