Insect Superstitions

There are plenty of strange superstitions about insects all over the world, and here are a few of the strangest.
Did you know it’s a tradition in Central Europe that a bride has to walk past a beehive while going down the aisle, and if the bee stings her, it means her husband won’t be faithful. Crazy, right?
How about the superstition that if a spider crawls a38_house-spidercross your hand, your likely to come into some money soon.
Butterflies are usually good luck, especially if the first butterfly you see in a new year is white, your sure to find great luck. However, if the first butterfly you see in the new year is black, its quite the opposite.
Lady bugs are actually the fashion police. If a lady bug lands on your clothing, it’s a sign its time to throw it out and buy something new.

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