Bugs and Food Defects

According to the FDA these food defects are part of the normal process of growing and processing food, and they present no health hazard as long as they remain below the “action levels” listed. Did you know that rodent hair is allowed to be in spices?
Spice jars with fresh rosmary leaves against white background
Just like insect fragments, rodent hairs are commonly allowed in spices: allspice, paprika, cinnamon, curry powder and marjoram can all contain a little rodent hair here and there.

Ground sage has the highest allowable level of rodent hair, with up to nine hairs allowed in every 10 grams of the spice. For comparison, ground marjoram may have up to eight hairs per 10 grams, paprika may have up to 11 hairs per 25 grams, and ground capsicum may have up to six hairs per 25 grams. Allspice and nutmeg are allowed up to just one hair per 10 grams.
Rodent hair is also allowed in peanut butter, popcorn, apple butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, corn meal and macaroni. Will this make you stop eating certain foods?
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