Some Facts About The Earwig

Earwigs are small bugs that got their name from the myth that they climb into people’s ears and therein lay their eggs or tunnel into the brain. That is just a myth, earwigs may climb into your ear to get away from the cold, but that is not the only insect that may climb into your ear. But, earwigs do NOT lay eggs into your brain, your eardrum blocks the insects from getting anywhere near your brain.
Male earwigs also have two penises! Both are larger than it’s body and if it needs the second one just in case one of them snaps off! “It’s an interesting phenomenon,” says Mike Siva-Jothy of the University of Sheffield, UK. He thinks there must be some evolutionary advantage to the earwig’s “unusually long” and fragile organs.
Earwigs do not bite, but rather pinch. The pinch is really painful, but is not known to carry or transmit any kind of disease. Earwigs are not venomous and their bite may lead to a secondary infection if scratched by nails.  You need to look out for any broken pincers or curved forceps left back in your wound.

These pests rarely colonize indoors and if you do observe them inside, it maybe because you have something moist within your home or they are in to escape the cold temperatures outdoors. If there are earwigs in the house, look for cracks in your door, windows or foundation. Find the source of entry and get the door, window or screen fixed right away. You can even apply caulk or weather stripping to keep them out and get rid of earwigs.
Next, look out for moist areas, wet leaves, loose stones and rotting newspapers around your house. Clean up everything that is rubbish and moist and make sure your foundation is dry. Clean the rain gutters and sprouts and keep them a bit away from the house foundations.

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