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First Case of EEE Confirmed in Massachusetts

According to The Massachusetts Department of Health, a Norfolk County woman has died recently in the state's first human case of Easter Equine Encephalitis this year. The woman was hospitalized in mid-August and died a few days later. The woman was in her 80s. Health officials are investigating as... more
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Some Facts About The Earwig

Myth Earwigs are small bugs that got their name from the myth that they climb into people's ears and therein lay their eggs or tunnel into the brain. That is just a myth, earwigs may climb into your ear to get away from the cold, but that is not the only insect that may climb into your ear. But,... more
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Bedbugs Traveling On Buses; You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Bedbugs hitching rides on Detroit buses, say drivers Published June 29, 2012 FoxNews.com The union representing Detroit's bus drivers has reportedly asked local lawmakers to put pressure on the transit agency to help stop the spread of bedbugs on buses. The Detroit News reports that roughly 50... more
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N.Y. Times' Modern Love Column: Alone When Bed Bugs Bite

A couple of months ago when I woke up with small clusters of insect bites on my elbows, hands and knees, it happened to be the opening day of the first-ever North American bedbug summit, held in Chicago. I know this because I read about it in the newspaper on my way to work while scratching at a... more
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