Basement Bugs & Insects

Whether it’s a state of the art “man cave,” a kid-friendly playroom, home gym or disorganized storage room, every basement is susceptible to pest infestations. This is why basement insect control is crucial. Basements are a home away from home to a variety of bugs that thrive in dark, damp areas, including termites, cockroaches and spiders to name a few.

Termites in the Basement

Living in underground colonies, subterranean termites can easily stumble upon a basement, as they feast on any structural wood they encounter. These wood-destroying pests often find entry points into the home through cracks and crevices in the home’s foundation and then make their way to the wooden beams and joists.

Cockroaches in the Basement

Typically dwelling in sewers and under debris such as leaves or stones, Oriental cockroaches will find harborage in basements if they get inside. These basement insects can enter structures through door thresholds and floor drains, as well as along utility pipes. Poor sanitation and moisture build up in basements will make Oriental cockroaches feel right at home.

Spiders in the Basement

Some types of spiders prefer to spin their webs in dark, moist environments – making the basement a common hiding place for arachnids. Long-bodied cellar spiders are one of the species that homeowners may find hanging out in cellars and basements, hence their name. Cellar spiders do not pose a health threat to humans, as their weak mouthparts keep them from injecting venom into the skin. Other types of spiders, like house spiders and black widow spiders, can also be found in basements.

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