What can cause a cockroach infestations?

The first step to getting rid of your roach problem is to understand what species of cockroaches you’re dealing with. What do the roaches look like? An American cockroach is dark brown and between one and two inches long, while a German cockroach is smaller and usually more of a light brown color.

German cockroaches are more common when it comes to indoor infestations. They move into homes in search of food, water, and moisture, and they’re largely active at night. They usually settle in dark corners and crevices or near warm appliances.

The American cockroach species tends to prefer outdoor environments, so if you’re dealing with this species, you’ll need to evaluate the exterior of your home. Things like overflowing garbage cans, nearby sewers or storm drains, large mulch heaps, and tree stumps can all be havens for these pests. In general, they like warm, humid environments and feed on decaying organic matter, like bark and leaves.

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