Tips to Prevent Bees

The best way to prevent bees from establishing a colony on your property is to not provide them with an ideal environment for survival.  Bees require three things to survive:  food, water and shelter.

Tips on Keeping Bees from Invading Your Property:

  • Be sure window screens are fitted properly
  • Fill any holes made in the ground by animals
  • Remove trash and debris as soon as possible
  • Fill holes that are larger than 1/8 inch in diameter in trees and/or walls
  • Fill cracks in walls and foundation as well as around the roof of your home.

If you find a colony on your property, consult an expert like A1 Exterminators. If you do find an established bee colony on your property, don’t panic but don’t brush it off either. Some once calm colonies can change and become very defensive. Have colonies located around the house removed as soon as possible and keep everyone away from the colony. Contact A1 Exterminators to send a certified specialist to remove the colony. Do not try to remove colonies yourself!

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