Ticks are a close cousin to spiders

A close cousin to spiders, the tick is considered to be an arachnid (thanks to their eight legs). Unfortunately, when one bites, you don’t get to be a superhero. Ticks are bigger than the flea, measuring in at ¼ to 1/8-inches long. While they are not blessed with the same super-jumping abilities like fleas are, ticks also have no problem attaching themselves to a suitable host. For worse or for the better, they don’t mind moving from animal to animal – they aren’t too picky where they set up house. In fact, ticks can be found on snakes, lizards and humans. Their life cycle can last anywhere from three weeks to three years. You wouldn’t think that these little bloodsuckers would be picky, but they are. They will wait until they find the right home, and then leave to find another host to sponge off of. They just can’t spend too long on one dog. Even so, ticks can cause problems even if they feed for minutes- they don’t need long to wreak havoc on your pet’s immune system. As larvae, nymphs and adults, they will go from host to host through each life stage.

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