Natural pest control: Mosquitos and fleas

These are the two most common insect pests New Englanders loathe. They both can carry bloodbourne pathogens that can be harmful and sometimes even deadly. Nasty little bloodsuckers that they are the best way is to prevent that they ever show up on your person!

Mosquitos can be harmful to humans

Mosquitos can be harmful to humans

Natural Mosquito Repellents
First of all we must understand that mosquito love the water, it’s where they lay their eggs and spend much of their life. Remove any standing water from your yard first. If you have a pond add a natural mosquito dunk which contains a bacteria that will destroy the eggs. After rainfall you should walk the perimeter of your house and dump out any collected water in buckets, trash bins and empty planter pots.
Personally my favorite mosquito spray is from the company Repel. They make a lemon eucalyptus spray that has a slight sting on sensitive skin but is very powerful at keeping the bugs away. I get Repel at Target in the camping aisle.
Other natural repellent sprays will include neem oil from India and/or citronella oil which isn’t as powerful.
For the backyard keep some citronella candles lit but also try incense sticks that are targeted to repel bugs. You can also have your yard sprayed by your local exterminator.
Make the Fleas flea
If you have pets that are indoors and outdoors you need to be on top of regular baths and grooming. There are a variety of natural pet powders that repel ticks and fleas but be warned that cats’ nervous systems can’t handle essential oils so use it only your dog. Other steps you’ll may consider:

  • Vacuum the carpets frequently throughout warm weather months to ensure that they aren’t nesting into your rugs.
  • Get some quality cedar products to naturally repel fleas on your pets bedding and in the mudroom to keep the fleas out.
  • Make a flea swimming pool out of soapy water in a pie tin – they jump in and can’t jump back out!
  • Diatomaceous earth may also be helpful if sprinkled around entryways and where your pets congregate in the backyard.
  • Call your local exterminator and have them Spray.

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May 6, 2009 3:32 pm ET

Amy Kreydin

Boston wellness Examiner

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